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Foto Manipulasi ANEH dan MENAKJUBKAN Karya Erik Johansson

Foto2 Manipulasi karya artis satu ini memang sangat unik dan diluar imajinasi kita, udah gak sabar? yok kita liat masing2 karya menakjubkannya!

nightmare perspective:

downside of the upside:
Zip City:
Arm Breaks, Vases Don’t:
Twisted Season:
A Painting Too Real:
Strax Tillbaka:
no boundaries:

might be the stairway to heaven? Made in January 2008.

Might be hard to see, but look again. What is the shape of the spilled coffee? Early 2008
Go your own road:

My friend Johannes helped me out with this image in the summer of 2008. I thought that the shot would be ruined by the sun shining straight at me, but I think it worked out pretty good in the end.
Swedish air house:

Summer 2008, a ordinary Swedish air house
Sumber : Pitoong
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