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telingaberdarah (music project )

telingaberdarah ( my music project )

Here is a freestyle project rayculz in music and through the limits acceptable limit. Initially this project started many years ago, precisely in 2006, where he suffered severe stress and depression. Then try to record into the form of MIDI format through his keyboard.

It’s really crazy freestyle music, stupid and very uncomfortable for the ear.

Anyway, this is first EP from telingaberdarah ...

kopock [2010]
01. 23u4o2 3jnmrlkwz !!
02. bzzttt 56987u wkakaka ...
03. nno01zsz3ee3e
04. pelksdagh 4y qha jwijt93m huahahihihi ...


After finishing kopock, I've try to making new song with latest materials. But, bad things that so-called disaster happen.
I'm losing all of my works for entire years because my computer crash, files becomes corrupted and need to re-install.

All materials gone !!

One song entitled "Jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang ada dibawah ini!" for new album has'nt finnished yet for the final mixing. But the raw version is saved because I've uploaded that songs in internet before.

Btw, prepare for next album ... that called "Kuping Gatal"

OK, this is teaser for new album from telingaberdarah.
Only 5 tracks preview from 7 tracks for this album
click here for alternative cover ( gore version)

01. Jawablah pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang ada dibawah ini!
02. a. Mengapa anda sering memasukkan jari kelingking anda ke dalam telinga?
03. b. Mengapa ketika anda iseng anda selalu mencoba memasukkan ujung pensil ke dalam telinga?
04. c. Mengapa anda seringkali begidik?
05. d. Mengapa anda selalu panik ketika mencari cotton bud?


telingaberdarah - in search of cotton bud [single 2010]

01. What’s with the panic in the search of cotton bud?
02. Cotton bud ( In Search of REMIX )

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