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Simbi GTR Evolution Studios’ latest bomb, the best racing games for at least joined the trend. GTR, GTR2 and GT Legends GT, Evo, then the new name of the series, the other racing games, spend a well-known self. Established last year as the GTR Race 07′ye plugin can also play this game alone if you want.

The most important feature of the simulation games such as GTR series are based on realism. GTR is a production so different. Other games, entertainment front plandayken realism in the foreground here. Especially this very clearly understood Evo’da GTR. Realism also brings difficulties. According to other racing games the game more difficult. So 250 to return to the bends. Vehicle sensitive and extremely fast way to make a sudden maneuver, in a moment out of the way you start a fire. But this is an overdose of realism and fun from the game after a while get a little sıkılmamıza can lead to restriction.

This spelling, GTR Evolution features its own because the other yazılarımdaki I founded the order in which I started breaking. So now I’ll tell you things before I write the things described above stems from the game. We see when we face the main menu after the video game surprised me. Video quality was too much, but I did not like the main menu. Music is not bad. The game may sound a bit confusing at first. ‘Race game is how complicated? “You might say, but different racing modes available. They learn over time though. In addition, the car is also very sensitive settings. Tool change affects everything we do. They will take our time to learn a little of course.

The game ‘Mini Cooper Cup are held tan’ BMW Formula One Races up to several race modes available. There are many kinds of many tools. There are nearly 40 runway and runway between them, including Istanbul. I also have a championship mode. We make your own if we want şampiyonamızı. Koyabiliyor trails we want racing calendar, the rules we want to choose. Able to decide which tools yarışabileceğine championship. The length of the races and drive ayarlayabiliyoruz forces. However, the strength of the drivers I would recommend more arttırmamanızı, trying to keep the car on the way to deal with them at the same time can push a lot of people. Racing outside to make two more options available. One of them is ‘practice’ section. Before going into races where you make a little money driving there. Where are the brakes basacağınızı, where they speed up and understand where yavaşlayacağınızı more comfortable. I also have a special section created for kırmamız track records. We can not lower the top of the track records of real drivers.

Entering the bend fast, the other side of the early transition

Said the realism of the game, one of the corners of the biggest dangers for us. We should note that the top races for us to act, especially on curves. When entering a sharp bend on the curve so that what appears on the numbers and the arrow marks. For example, a very sharp bend to the left there, then before entering the bend of the arrow on the left shows a red arrow going out and one is writing. If the right is a very slight bend to the right is a green arrow on the 5 and writes. It bends easily, making sure to skip them. Great benefit to us touching the curves of the map.

There are other things we need to pay attention during the competition. First, the attempt to make a short cut. Even the slightest attempt to receive a warning. If you stand back fine, fine If you do not like being disqualified yaşayabiliyorsunuz experience. Çarpmakta deliberately giving you the tools that are causing the penalty opponent waiting. Though I can change the rules, but adapt to the pleasure you receive from the game. One of the radio in my brother’s going to help us get right. Aracımızda tells us when there is damage or an accident when another vehicle is news to us. Pite him the same way, we are able to enter the news we wanted.

Visuals and Sound

GTR Evo is really good graphics. Modeling tool, the cockpit section, very well designed. Environmental graphics are very good, but not considered the standard higher. The trees are not at least a two-dimensional. The audience was not in the vicinity, standing like statues, as if the train is watching. They make a few moves would not be bad. Cockpit camera gives the game a different color. You know that this did not have the NFS Pro Street, and the game was one of the major shortcomings. GTR Evo’da cockpit section of the game perfectly mounted. Sürücümüzün feet even interactive, we can see that gas bastığımız pressed when the pedal below. Changed is also going to hand gear shift lever.

Vehicles can get damaged. Damage modeling has been very good. Collisions could be a little better, but the fighting is very realistic results. Accident damage when we do not just external appearance. Vehicle’s engine, suspension system, gear box and its internal parts as you see the damage and the vehicle’s performance is affected accordingly. Sometimes even that can get damaged beyond repair, causing them to remain out of the race. Undoubtedly the most beautiful part of the game sounds. Sound effects are just great. Each vehicle has its original sound in the game. The sounds of a place at the time çarptığımız exceptionally good. The audience do not like the look very impressive in their responses to sound. Alkışlamalar, whistles, and dry the audience make noise puts a completely different atmosphere. Engine sounds great. Much more intense heating of the engine sound of the cockpit camera, camera, less engine noise is heard when we receive the vehicle’s exterior appearance.

Artificial Intelligence

Other drivers we have determined the extent actually becoming skilled. 50% of the drive when we had the power of rival drivers kötüyken, when we had 90% of a rival oluveriyorlar gear. Trying to cross each other in races and even each other very difficult situations düşürebiliyorlar. In general, racing games, opponents are trying to us the situation is changing. Calm quiet time on the road when it suddenly got a lot of tools to each other are coming in and chained karışabiliyor accidents can occur. At the same time we’re not just from the road bends. Other drivers also can be. Their inability to bend, out of the road, lost control of the car is going.

The game ‘Multiplayer’ mode, too. Yarışabiliyor other players here, düzenleyebiliyoruz championship. ‘Online Ranking’ there. This points to rank the players are playing on the internet. Who wins the race climbs on top positions. It is good to have such a feature, doğabiliyor real rivalries.

Final words

GTR Evolution has been a successful production. Racing games have features that take off from himself to the fore. The game a little bit difficult because of reduced dosage of realism and entertainment. There are a few bugs in the game. However, they make the game a good engellememiş construction. Game play away, struggling a bit to get used to at first, do not worry. Good games for everyone.

Minimum requirements:

- OS: Windows XP SP2/Windows Vista
- Processor: Pentium IV 2,2 GHz
- Memory – 1 GB (2 GB for Windows Vista)
- Video: 256 MB Directx 9-compatible 3D graphics card (GeForce 6600 level and above, except for embedded graphics)
- Sound: DirectX 9-compatible sound card
- 15 GB of free hard disk space
- DirestX 9.0

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