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Call of Duty Black Ops First Strike

Call of Duty Black Ops First Strike Download Free Full Version

Activision money, strangling, and each new sales records with the game Call of Duty series, which upset the Black Ops’la also managed to throw a great success.

Black Ops’un patches multiplayer mode is still incredibly problematic and Treyarch is not exactly the solution provided. But even if these problems does not lead to a decrease in interest in the game is an interesting way. First Strike is the first multiplayer map pack of the game which was released last week to extend this experience.


One of the most beautiful parts of the game in story mode on the roof last bölümdü remember. The taste of moonlit roofs damağımızda had entered the conflict. Fortunately, there is no longer map called Kowloon. In this way, the roof have the chance to live the battles in multiplayer mode. The most noticeable feature of the map, a large number of secret way, door and window to take place. In this way, and can use different routes, but also did not point the enemy can come face to face.

Medium-sized Kowloon see something new been tested. Sliding down from the roof can reach a high point on the map thanks to the rope. Sounds pretty nice does not it? However, there is something wrong here. Weapons can not use the rope slides. The story mode had a similar episode and the rope slides remember yağdırabiliyorduk also lead to the enemy. In Kowloon, it does not stand a chance. Rope is completely vulnerable while you are riding. Moreover, at least, not at all looking forward to slipping distance. So we are like the partridge in the air and the nearby open target for the enemy. Moreover, the resulting friction during sliding sound, high enough to attract even the most inattentive ears. So you be you, looking forward to perform the shift operation.


Discovery of the game in the third snow themed map, maps at the same time one of the largest in the package. This is a military base and numerous sheds. At first glance, but I noticed while enriching map fleeing effective ways to draw the side paths that allow profitable. Thanks to the longitudinal structure of the map, especially the most extreme points, good for players who like sharp nişancılıktan contains sotelik places.

Barracks and building redundancy in the number of cases brought Discovery blood pressure certain extent. Feels like the enemy and emerge from a place and at any time do you need to progress Squatting. Just as in Kowloon, there is also a new feature on this map. There is a wide path that allows us to reach the left end of Discovery profitable. This is the path to the PST into the air uçurabiliyorsunuz dear readers. Of course, impossible to accomplish this with a hand grenade, two undersized, but his work can easily destroy an organized path to C4. The goal is what is it? Shut the other side of the road course, enemies. Fall into the trap of the enemies explode, and then footpath on the left facing islet impossible to pass. So intense attack your fire, or sniper rifle bullets and escape with a very short sighted eyes can not see well. Discovery is carrying out the blast when playing it, but only met 1-2 times to collect some very interesting moments in this direction give rise to conflict, I can say.


Discovery of the largest map of the package along with the other. To understand the name of Germany is formed around the wall dividing Berlin Wall. The most important feature of the map to be a part of the prison and placed here automatically opened fire winners kuleciklerin red zone. In addition, the region began to shout dolaştığında enemy players constantly on their toes to keep you as a siren sound.

Did not affect me much at the Berlin Wall Design. Alternative way to actually use some of the small number of roads and open random fire spitting kuleciklerin due to unnecessary and a map that does not have enough to enjoy. Not knowing when the fire would Kuleciklerin frustrating. Katacağını tension to the game this way, but thought Treyarch obviously had ideas in practice in the classroom.


Black Ops’un maps in multiplayer mode, one of the most crazy, small size and tight çarpışmalarıyla Nuketown attention. If you map favorite, came next to give Glad Tidings to a new friend. Nuketown’a Stadium in size to the nearest map. Its not much, but maybe a little more narrow area next to the package with the other maps in the action moments that most hosts.

Ice hockey stadium in the backdrop of a chosen map, plenty of windows, floors, allows you to exit. Thus, the upper floors to stop passers saçabiliyorsunuz death. Although it would choose as a place of ice hockey in the field, the stadium was only able to visit a section of the grandstand corridor, into the field or the stands are not allowed to enter the çatışmamıza. I can tell because there were great conflicts similar to the structure of the map frame. Nuketown not much fun, but it offers the best action. Map of stadium design, the most interesting in a different package.


Ascention of the game’s multiplayer mode is not a map. Up to 4 player co-op mode has the support of the Nazi Zombies are coming to this map. Ascention starts on the basis of the Russian rocket base. Nazi Zombies do not offer something different from other maps in the content, just change venue.

First Strike multiplayer mode, four new maps and a desire to bring color map includes Nazi Zombies. All of the maps are not perfect and have various defects. In particular, some features may try in the name of innovation in the classroom kalıyorlar Treyarch (Kowloon kulecikler forward shift or automatic, such as the Berlin Wall’daki). However, a tight fanıysanız Black Ops, First Strike brings fresh breath is impossible because you disagree.

The task of extending the life of the first map pack seems to başarmışa Black Ops’un. Let’s see how will the second map pack?

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Intel Core Duo E6600 / AMD Phenom X3 8750
RAM: 2 GB (Windows XP) / 2 GB (Windows Vista / 7)
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT / ATI Radeon X1950 Pro / 256 VRAM
HDD: 600 MB
DirectX 9.0C

Call of Duty Black Ops First Strike Click Here Download Free Full Version

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